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Model Calum opens 'Best' gym

A NEW gym run by former model and TV personality Calum Best will open near Henley this month.

A NEW gym run by former model and TV personality Calum Best will open near Henley this month.

Best Life Gym, off Marlow Road, will hold a soft opening for new members ahead of the official unveiling in January.

Best, 34, is the son of the late footballer George Best and personal trainer Angie Best, who owns the neighbouring Metaphysical gym at Henley Business School. He already runs supplements company Best Life Supps.

He came up with the idea of opening the gym after visiting his mother and decided to go ahead when the LA Fitness gym in Newtown Road, Henley, was closed in August.

Best, who grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in London, said: ?Fitness has been in my life for as long as I can remember, through my dad and my mum. I train daily and also play football.

?I?ve loved sport my whole life but I spent a lot of time partying and forgot about the gym.

?When my mum came back to the UK she opened her own little gym across the street from here and I thought it was a great idea.

?I started my company two years ago and I thought ?why don?t I open a gym too?? ?When I came to Henley about five years ago I saw it had another gym but now that?s closed it?s the perfect opportunity to open our gym.

?It?s not just for people from Henley, I have friends in Reading and Marlow who are excited to come here and it?s for all ages. For me it?s a new, exciting business project and it?s the thing I?m most excited about. Having my own gym is pretty cool.?

Best found the property last year. It belongs to the business school and used to be a squash court.

He renovated the inside to create rooms offering different types of exercises including spinning, boxing and weights.

The equipment includes weight racks, exercise bikes and resistance machines. He plans to spend three days there each week, while Mrs Best will attend daily.

Best said: ?My mother has known about health and fitness her whole life, while I keep my finger on the pulse with what the youth want.

?The unique thing here is we have something for the youth and older people.

Between my mum and myself we have good knowledge of what?s needed but also what?s new and modern.

?I love to visit Henley ? it?s one of the prettiest places in the country. Who wouldn?t want to come here to train??

Best handed out more than 500 flyers at October?s Henley half marathon, where he and his mother presented the prizes, and says he has had a lot of interest.

?I?ve already got people queuing up to come here and everyone seems really excited about it,? he said.

Mrs Best, 63, who lives at Bix Common, said: ?I?m so happy that Calum has gone down my route of health and fitness instead of his dad?s.

?People in Henley are into health and fitness and everyone now realizes how important it is.

?It should be part of your daily routine because it cures so many ills. I?ve been doing it since I was 19.?

She said her son?s gym equipment was phenomenal.

?It looks like you need to be a big monster man to use it but I can use it and it?s important for older women to do so too,? she said.

?It?s lovely Calum?s doing this with me and having a family business.

Hopefully, he will move to Henley eventually.?

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