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Business success thanks to daughter

A MOTHER has started a soap-making business after her daughter battled with eczema for years

A MOTHER has started a soap-making business after her daughter battled with eczema for years.

Trisha Byron-Scott, 43, of Bolney Road, Shiplake, found that traditional soaps irritated eight-year-old Eleanor’s skin, so she started making vegan, plant-inspired products.

Now she has launched a company called Soap Garden to sell her soap after it proved popular with friends to whom she gave it as gifts.

Mrs Byron-Scott said: “People said, ‘it’s really lovely, you could do it for a living’ and I thought I could help people.

“Eleanor has had eczema since she was a couple of weeks old and there are certain things that people can be allergic to that are very common in shop-bought soaps. I wouldn’t have started doing this if it wasn’t for her.”

Her soap is 100 per cent natural as it is made from ingredients such as clay, herbs, spices, oats, tea, and flowers and plants, which she found prevented her daughter’s skin from drying out and her eczema flaring up.

One of the soaps even includes calendula, which she grows at the family’s plot at Waterman’s allotments in Henley.

Mrs Byron-Scott, a former nurse, said: “I dry the flowers and pull off the petals and that goes into one of the soaps. It’s a really good product that you can use on eczema skin as it draws moisture to the surface.

“It’s extremely safe because it has got no chemicals in it.”

She makes the soaps in the kitchen of the home she shares with her husband Ross and other daughter Olivia, 11. Mrs Byron-Scott said: “Soap is made by mixing oils and butters together with a sodium hydroxide solution. A chemical reaction takes place, which results in soap salts.

“The sodium hydroxide then neutralises and becomes glycerin, which is great for your skin.

“Adding colours and essential oils for their scents and benefits completes the process and the soap is ready after a four-week curing period.”

She currently makes seven different soaps — lemongrass and ginger, gin and tonic, no sting nettle, peppermint putty, simply soap, rose, geranium and lime and summer garden.

Each bar is typically 110-120g and costs £6. The bars are packaged using environmentally-friendly paper and tied with twine.

Mrs Byron-Scott said: “Lots of friends and family bought them for Christmas, so business has really started to pick up.

“I’m really happy people want to use natural products on their skin. If it helps them in some way I’ll be absolutely delighted.”

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