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Trader fears losing £17,500 after firm goes into liquidation

A HENLEY trader stands to lose £17,500 after a building firm went into liquidation.

A HENLEY trader stands to lose £17,500 after a building firm went into liquidation.

Ventrolla, of Newtown Road, carried out £9,200 worth of restoration work at the former magistrates’ court building in Northfield End, Henley, which is being converted into seven flats, and a further £8,300 on a scheme in Twyford.

The company, which repairs and replaces sash windows, was hired for both projects by Bracknell firm Blue Qube Construction.

It says it has spent the past three months chasing payments and now fears it may never see the money after the liquidation was announced.

Manager Ian Maguire, who was married at the premises when it housed the town’s register office, said his firm spent several months on and off at the site last year.

They fixed or exchanged every window on the three-storey, Grade II listed building. Mr Maguire said: “We kept asking for the money but they told us we’d get it once they’d been paid by other creditors, which started ringing alarm bells.

“We’ve contacted the liquidators but we’re bound to be a long way down their list of creditors and probably won’t see anything.

“There was never anyone on site at the same time as us so I don’t know who else might be affected locally but there must be others.

“When I carried out the work, I paid my suppliers and labourers upfront but it looks like that’s just dead money now. We’ll get through it but it’s going to be very, very tight as it puts more pressure on us to pay our own creditors. I know these things are unavoidable but it’s very annoying.

“I was really proud to get that contract because I got married there but now it’s all turned sour.”

Stanley Carter, of Fair Mile, Henley, who owns the building, said the conversion was almost three-quarters finished when Blue Qube made the announcement.

He said he paid the company everything it was owed, often in advance, and any sub-contractors should contact the liquidator. He is now in talks with other companies about finishing the work.

He said: “It’s very sad and I accept that it’s difficult for anyone who was working for Blue Qube. The contract was properly placed and tendered and we found the project was very well-managed.

“We are now trying to pick up the pieces as best we can. It will delay the work and we don’t know when it will be completed but we’re making every effort to get it back on track.”

Blue Qube could not be reached for comment and its liquidator CVR Global did not respond.

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