Monday, 27 September 2021

Have you met Mullie’s new lettings manager?

MULLIE’S most recent addition to the Twyford team is Alison Letts, who has the perfect name

MULLIE’S most recent addition to the Twyford team is Alison Letts, who has the perfect name for her role as lettings manager.

Alison has been working in lettings for several years and knows the local area well.

What’s more, she rents a property herself, so she knows both sides of the market.

“Being a tenant, I feel this is a real bonus to our lettings department as I have first-hand experience of what it is like to be a tenant,” she says.

“I can empathise with tenants and landlords far better than agents who have never experienced the rental market first hand.

“In my role as lettings manager it’s important that I represent primarily my landlords, but sometimes being a tenant helps me to make landlords see things from another perspective.

“Often tenants can be homeowners as well, and/or have chosen to rent for a while for numerous reasons.

“All too often, they are looked upon with suspicion, as they have no financial responsibility for the property because they don’t own it, so the assumption is they won’t care for it.

“Unfortunately some tenants don’t respect their landlord’s property, but in my experience, this is the minority.

“Understandably these few invariably make landlords cautious, but most tenants care for their landlord’s property as if it were their own home.

“At Mullie we qualify our tenants both financially and for their suitability for a property using our vast experience, communicating with landlords and tenants through every step of the process and using an industry-recognised referencing company.

“Putting the right tenants into a landlord’s property develops a good mutual relationship which can often last for the long term.

“We have had an excellent start to the year, letting eight properties in January. We are looking for more properties for our list of applicants who are actively searching for suitable properties from studios and one-beds to large family houses.”

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