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11 sites offered by owners for 86 new homes in village

LANDOWNERS have put forward 11 sites for new housing under Goring’s neighbourhood plan.

LANDOWNERS have put forward 11 sites for new housing under Goring’s neighbourhood plan.

Six of them are off Gatehampton Road at the south-east edge of the village.

The plan will name the sites where 86 new homes are to be built by 2027 to meet national targets. It should go to a referendum by next summer and will become legally binding if it passes.

The largest site, at 12.53 hectares, runs behind the houses to the east of Gatehampton Road and borders Sheepcot playing field to the north.

Developer Archstone Projects, of Bristol, says the former agricultural field could accommodate a “balanced mix” of up to 140 homes with several green spaces.

However, it is understood that ownership of the land is in question and this would have to be resolved before construction work could start. The second site, put forward by PBI2, of Pangbourne, is a smaller parcel of land within the first site immediately bordering Gatehampton Road.

The company’s agent Nexus Planning says this could take up to 15 homes which could be built in a single phase as soon as planning permission was granted.

There are four other plots to the west of Gatehampton Road, immediately south of the village’s built-up area.

The owners are Malcolm Tull, from Earley, Andrew Hook, from Sevenoaks, and Fiona Hazell, from Whitchurch Hill, and Julie Broadhurst, of Lockstile Way, Goring.

The first three say their land could be developed within two years while Mrs Broadhurst’s plot is available immediately. None has revealed their site’s housing capacity.

The sixth site is off Icknield Road to the north of the village. It would be accessed by a driveway just north of the fire station and would run behind house numbers one to 12.

Developer Elegant Homes believes the scheme could be completed in 18 months but hasn’t said how many homes could go there. The firm has also put forward a 2.67-hectare field between Manor Road and Elmcroft, for which it sought planning permission for 35 houses last year.

Neighbours and the parish council opposed the application and South Oxfordshire District Council turned it down, saying it was an “unwarranted extension and encroachment into the adjacent countryside”.

The eighth site is a four-hectare field to the west of Wallingford Road, on Goring’s northern edge. It is bordered to the west by the railway line and to the north by the access road to the Leatherne Bottel restaurant.

Developer Jerry Unsworth, from Wallingford, is proposing between 55 and 70 units with “green buffers”, open space and footpaths. Construction could start next year and finish by 2020.

Mr Unsworth has also put forward a site to the east of Wallingford Road behind the houses in Springhill Road. He says this could take between 60 and 80 houses and could be built to the same timescale.

The final site is behind Thames Court, off High Street, and is currently occupied by an empty warehouse and private car park. Thames Properties, of Richmond, says this could be redeveloped for an unspecified housing quota by 2023. The volunteer steering group, which is producing the plan under the parish council’s supervision, is accepting submissions until the end of this month and is also consulting residents on site selection criteria. It will use these to decide the final list of sites.

David Bermingham, spokesman for the group, said: “People won’t vote for each one directly but the entire community will decide the criteria. This means the sites will be chosen according to a fair and objective system.

“They will be scored and the highest-scoring ones will be included in the plan, meaning they will effectively be self-selecting.”

A survey is to be sent to every home in the village shortly and there will be a public exhibition on the plan’s progress at the village hall on April 16 from 10am to 5pm.

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