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Always a quality brew in store

WALLINGFORD Tea and Coffee Co Ltd started in the town in 1983.

WALLINGFORD Tea and Coffee Co Ltd started in the town in 1983.

The aim is to offer a variety of good quality teas and freshly roasted coffee using their own coffee roaster all at competitive prices.

Tea is still the cheapest drink in the world after water and is a healthy and mild stimulant.

The shop offers both loose leaf tea and teabags. Their most popular tea comes from Assam, which has a strong malty taste and is ideal for hard water. The store stocks a variety of black teas ranging from China’s Keemun and Africa’s Kenya to special Russian Caravan while their green teas come from China and Japan as well as from Nilgiri in south India.

Coffees come from a range of origins on four continents. Africa provides Kenya and Sidamo and Mocha from the home of coffee in Ethiopia while India supplies Monsoon Malabar and Mysore. Indonesia is the home of Sumatra Mandheling and Old Brown Java while Central and South America produce Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala coffees.

The shop offers a range of accessories such as teapots with filters, espresso and cafetiere coffees, together with cups and mugs, filter papers and a large range of items to go with their teas and coffees.

Quality teas and coffees are carefully created for your enjoyment and all conform to acceptable standards of living for tea estate employees and provide good support for producers of high grade coffees.

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