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Family unites to sell silver health remedy

A WOMAN who gave up her job to spend more time with her family has started a new business with her father.

A WOMAN who gave up her job to spend more time with her family has started a new business with her father.

Lucy Roberts, who grew up in Wargrave with dad Dick Goodall, founded Active Silver in March.

The company sells colloidal silver as a health remedy.

The former events and communications manager says the product, which her father discovered through his water purifying business, was “the best-kept secret” in her family, prompting the pair to go into business together.

Mrs Roberts, 40, now lives in Hurst with her husband Nick, 39, who works for a golf breaks company, and their three children.

She left her old job to see more of her children and can fit in work with Mr Goodall around that. Mrs Roberts said: “He still has his own business doing water purification so I’m running this and he’s a sort of consultant.

“He’s a good advisor and it’s nice to work together. We get on well and always have done. It was about 10 years ago that my dad and I realised we were sitting on a great product and we should do something about it but life got in the way. I’ve got the space to do it now.”

Mrs Roberts, who grew up in Loddon Drive before moving to High Street in the Nineties, says the pair meet up at weekends, allowing her to spend more time in the week with children William, four, Barnaby, three, and baby Rosie, who arrived last month.

She said: “I’ve had a corporate career but since I had children things have changed and I want to be around them.

“Running a business from home allows me that flexibility and I think most mums want a situation like that.

“I’m only eight minutes from where my dad lives. He works in the week still but we get together at weekends, which is great because my husband can then look after the kids.”

Mr Goodall, 72, still lives in High Street with his wife Maggie, 69, a member of the village’s tennis and boating clubs. He found colloidal silver killed bacteria, including Legionnaires’ disease, while using it in water purifying for businesses and public bodies.

He later used it as a home remedy and found it was particularly effective on burns and skin conditions.

Mrs Roberts said: “It feels like a best-kept secret in our house — my dad has known about it for years.

“We used it for all our ailments and every time we didn’t feel well my dad would say to have some. It was always there.

“We aren’t medical people at all but from testimonials and doing it ourselves we know it works really well.”

The company is run online and also sells on Amazon. It regularly has a stall at health fairs and shows and Mrs Roberts says she hopes to expand to clinics and shops in the future.

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