Monday, 08 August 2022

Hospital garden may be name after old ward Headline

AN area of garden at the new Chilterns Court care home in Henley could be named after the old Townlands Hospital’s Peppard ward.

Campaigners have repeatedly asked for the name to be retained in the new hospital development in honour of the 14-bed ward, which was replaced by a rapid access care unit.

They had previously suggested that a ward in the care home, which houses up to 11 beds to be used alongside the care unit, should be called the Peppard Wing.

Ian Reissmann, who chairs the Townlands Steering Group, said that in 2015, the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group promised to recommend that the ward was called Peppard.

However, the final decision was left to the Orders of St John Trust, which runs the home, and in October it announced the name “Bluebell” had been chosen by residents instead.

It said that Peppard meant “nothing” to the care home, which was built as part of the hospital redevelopment and opened in November.

At a meeting of the Townlands Stakeholder Reference Group on Tuesday, the commissioning group’s head of communications and engagement Sarah Adair revealed there was now a suggestion that part of a garden could use the Peppard name.

Mr Reissmann said that maintaining the Peppard name in the new hospital was what the community wanted and suggested that the care unit itself could be renamed.

He said: “We were assured that the Peppard label would be retained in some form in order to communicate the continuity in the same way as the memorial name.

“The commissioning group said it was happy to recommend to the trust that the beds be labelled the Peppard Wing or something similar.

“We see this as a free way for the NHS to communicate goodwill. We very much hope that the commissioning group and other health organisations will support us in this.

“If there are any costs I’m sure we can help out and the money can be found.”

Patient representative Robert Aitken said: “A lot of the time the issue is sentimental but this is very important. There’s been so much negative coverage of the beds and this is a good way to keep the Peppard name going.”

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