Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Company: We can't run at loss

READING Buses said that continuing to run the Caversham services as they were was not sustainable.

A spokesman said: “We have been constantly listening to feedback on the Caversham bus changes from the consultation process and beyond.

“We have engaged with the ‘Concerned of Caversham’ group and kept them informed of updated plans.

“After initial concerns were raised about the gaps in service at peak times, we sought to add extra journeys.

“Subsequent concerns have been raised for further journey, but have not been addressed to us and have given rise to this protest.

“It was through some investigation that we came across one of their leaflets outlining the specific times of journeys that they felt were needed.

“We have since been able to implement all but one of these journeys and have contacted the group to ease their fears.

“There has been constant reiteration that substantial cost has to be removed from the Caversham network because it vastly underperforms in comparison to the rest of our network.

“Furthermore, as part of writing the new timetable, we have had to increase the intervals of some journeys to reflect prevailing traffic conditions in order to help better keep them on time. 

“All calls from Concerned of Caversham seem to want the buses to continue as current, which is simply not sustainable.

“Caversham benefits massively from our company model, which allows us to be a little more flexible as to where profit comes from, but cannot run bus services at a loss.”

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