Saturday, 13 August 2022

Meet the Candidates: David Foster (Green, Caversham)

Meet the Candidates: David Foster (Green, Caversham)

I’M a professional artist and I teach at the University of Reading, where I completed my PhD. I have represented the Green Party in Caversham in the local elections since 2015, and have lived in the ward for 10 years.

The local issue that I’m most concerned about is the new road — the Mass Rapid Transit scheme — that the council are planning to build which, if it goes ahead, will destroy what is currently a peaceful and semi-wild stretch of riverside.

A new road is completely unnecessary and will do nothing to relieve Reading’s traffic problems, which would be better alleviated by introducing congestion charging.

Ultimately the only thing that will really help to solve the problem is people choosing not to travel by car, and seemingly the only way to persuade people to travel by other means is by making it prohibitively expensive to drive (with concessions for those who genuinely have no choice but to drive).

I also propose investing in cycling infrastructure, and making public transport, and bicycle hire schemes, free at the point of use. Naturally these are the issues I would prioritise if elected.

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