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Produce prizes go South

Produce prizes go South

TWO men picked up five prizes each at the Caversham Horticultural Society’s annual show.

Malcolm South, 78, and Jim McCartney, 57, dominated the vegetable and flower classes.

Mr South was awarded the Ted Tiffen Cup for most points in the flower section, the Bob Turner Challenge Cup for vegetables and flowers and the Jean Sawyer Cup for his vase of mixed garden flowers.

He also claimed the Society Silver Challenge Cup for the most points in the roses classes and the Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal for gaining the most prize money in the vegetable, fruit and flower classes, excluding winners from 2016-18.

Mr McCartney won the Jubilee Shield for the most points across the vegetable, fruit and flower classes.

He also claimed the Ford Silver Challenge Cup for most points in the vegetable section, the Voyle Cup for the best dahlias exhibit, the Bert Goodson Trophy for the best exhibit in the show and the CHS Silver Bowl for the most points.

The pair are regulars at the show, which took place at Emmer Green Primary School in St Barnabas Road and attracted dozens of visitors..  

Mr South, of Hemdean Road, Caversham, won 12 classes, including the longest runner bean, but said difficult weather conditions affected the quality of his crops.

He said: “Some of my entries were not as good as I’ve had previously and I didn’t enter any potatoes because I find it difficult to get them as clean and as white as, say, Mr McCartney.

“There is very little I grow just for the show. I grow the flowers for the show but the vegetables are for the pot.”

Mr McCartney, from Tilehurst, won 16 classes, including onions, shallots, runner beans and courgettes.  

He said: “It has been a pretty mixed year with the weather.

“I lost a lot of onions to botrytis but this was the first year in a long time that I haven’t had any blight on my tomatoes — they were pretty clean.

“Last year was hot but this year we didn’t have enough rain. Plants can be affected badly by sudden changes in the weather.

“Cauliflowers have been very tricky as they take 100 days from sewing a seed to reaching maturity but I’ve had some that matured too early.”

Mr McCartney, who has taken growing seriously for 15 years, gives away much of his produce.

He said: “People ask me why I don’t sell it but I’m not in the game to sell stuff.

“At the allotment we have an area where we put surplus produce. I give away a lot of potatoes and tomatoes. I put 10 cauliflowers and some cucumbers there the other day and they were gone very quickly.”

Membership secretary Elaine Rae won the Whiskin Cup for most points in the domestic classes, which included first prize for her lemon curd, beating her husband Julian in the process.

The couple’s son, Giles, 14, picked up the Balmore Cup for most points in the novice section.

Mrs Rae said: “It is great to get everybody growing. The children have done it since they were young and it is good to show them where food comes from. As a family, we don’t expect to win but now and again we do.”

She added: “We had a good number of entries this year. The standard was very high and nearly all the classes had three or four entries and some were really popular, like the Victoria sponge class, which had eight.

“Jim McCartney’s giant leek and his dahlias were particular highlights, as was Malcolm South’s sweetcorn.

“This year was difficult because of the warm weather before a damp June, which affected things like apples because it stalls the growing process and when it is hot there is not enough water to help them.”

The full results were as follows:

Jubilee Shield (most points in sections A, B and C, classes one to 46): Jim McCartney

Ford Silver Challenge Cup (most points in section A — vegetables): Jim McCartney

Parsons Silver Challenge Cup (most points in section B — fruit): Gillian Matthews

Ted Tiffin Cup (most points in section C — flowers): Malcolm South

Balmore Cup (most points in section D — novice): Giles Rae

Whiskin Cup (most points in section E — domestic): Elaine Rae

Handicraft Cup (most points in section G — crafts): Francis

Devon Cup: (most points in section H — floral art): E Joyce

Bob Turner Challenge Cup:
Malcolm South

Jean Sawyer Cup: Malcolm South

Society Silver Challenge Cup: Malcolm South

Voyle Cup: Jim McCartney

Bert Goodson Trophy (best exhibit): Jim McCartney

Children’s Cup: Miss N Maslin

McCartney Cup: Miss M Heaven

CHS Silver Bowl (most points in show): Jim McCartney

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal: Malcolm South


Five tomatoes (one variety, stalks on): 1 John Green

Three potatoes (one variety, white: 1 John Green

Three potatoes (one variety, coloured): 1 Jim McCartney

Three onions (one variety, globe, under 7.5cm): Jim McCartney

Three onions (one variety, flat, to pass through a 9cm ring):
1 Jim McCartney

Seven shallots (one variety, more than 2.5cm diameter):
1 Jim McCartney

Seven shallots (one variety, under 2.5cm diameter): 1 George Saffrey

Three beetroot: (one variety, with 5cm of stalks): 1 Jim

Three carrots (one variety, with 5cm of stalks): 1 John Green

Six runner beans: (one variety, with stalks): 1 Jim McCartney

Seven French beans (one variety, with stalks): Jim McCartney

Two corn on the cob (with silks):
1 Malcolm South

Truss of green tomatoes:
1 Jim McCartney

Truss of cherry tomatoes:
1 Malcolm South

One leek: Jim McCartney

One cucumber:
1 Jim McCartney

Three courgettes (one variety):
1 Jim McCartney

One of any other kind of vegetable: 1 Jim McCartney

Any four vegetables:
1 Jim McCartney

Three kinds of vegetables used for salad (numbers optional, to fit on supplied plate): 1 Jim

Vase of culinary herbs (minimum three kinds): 1 Frank Parrish


Three dessert apples (one variety, with stalks): 1 Gillian Matthews

Three cooking apples (one variety, with stalks): 1 Gillian Matthews

Three pears (one variety, with stalks): 1 Malcolm South

Plate of three mixed fruit:
1 Gillian Matthews

Any other kind of fruit:
1 George Saffrey

Six soft fruit: 1 Malcolm South


Three blooms of large flowered roses: 1 Malcolm South

Bowl of roses: 1 Malcolm South

A rose bloom floating in a glass:
1 Malcolm South

Three blooms of dahlias (mixed varieties): 1 Jim McCartney

Three blooms of dahlias (one variety): 1 Jim McCartney

One specimen bloom of dahlia:
1 Elaine Rae

A specimen stem of pelargonium: 1 Jane Brownlee

Vase of annuals (one variety):
1 Malcolm South

Vase of annuals (mixed varieties): 1 Malcolm South

Three stems of cosmos:
1 D Hartrup

One sunflower bloom: 1 Elaine Rae

Vase of three stems fuchsia (mixed): 1 Gillian Matthews

One specimen stem fuchsia:
1 Elaine Rae

Vase of any other kind of perennials (mixed, excluding flowers from above classes): 1 D Barnes

Six stems foliage (minimum three different varieties): 1 Paul Smith

Fuchsia in a pot: 1 D Barnes

Foliage pot plant (up to 20cm maximum size of pot):
1 D Hartrup

Succulent or cacti (pot size max. of 20cm): 1 S Parrish

Novice, aged 13 and above

Three onions (one variety):
1 George Saffrey

Three tomatoes (one variety, with stalks): 1 Liz Carson

Any other kind of vegetable:
1 Toby Rae

Two apples (one variety, with stalks, dessert or cooking):
1 Mrs J Soanes

Any other kind of fruit (one
variety): 1 Giles Rae

Vase of mixed flowers:
1 D Hartrup

Vase of one kind of flower:
1 Giles Rae


Jar of jam: 1 Gillian Matthews

Jar of fruit curd: 1 Elaine Rae

Small bottle of fruit liqueur:
1 Elaine Rae

Five canapés (mixed): 1 Elaine Rae

Five cheese straws: 1 Jane

Three custard tarts: 1 Elaine Rae

Victoria sandwich (raspberry jam filling, sugar topping): 1 Jane Brownlee

Vegan lime drizzle cake:
1 Elaine Rae


The longest runner bean:
1 Malcolm South

Ice cream tub-sized container of homemade compost: 1 Mrs V Wing

One odd-shaped vegetable:
1 Mrs J Soanes

Bob Turner Challenge Cup (senior members only — two dishes of different kinds of vegetables and two vases of different kinds of flowers as per sections A and C:
1 Malcolm South

Jean Sawyer Cup (vase of mixed garden flowers): 1 Malcolm South


Colour photograph taken on a CHS outing (15.25cm by 10.25cm, mounted on black card):
1 Francis Serjeant

Colour photograph of bird life (15.25cm by 10.25cm, mounted on black card): 1 Francis Serjeant

Colour photograph of water (15.25cm by 15.25cm, mounted on black card): 1 Francis Serjeant

An item of embroidery:
1 Mrs C Steed

A “twiddle muff” (attached assorted “bits and bobs”):
1 Mrs E Joyce

A handmade greetings card:
1 Liz Carson

An item made of clay:
1 Giles Rae

Floral art

A Shakesperian theme (featuring natural plant materials — accessories permitted): 1 Mrs E Joyce

A modern exhibit (using natural plant materials and five blooms, accessories permitted):
1 Mrs E Joyce

An exhibit using foliage, grasses and seems, natural plant materials and accessories: 1 Mrs E Joyce

An exhibit suitable for a buffet table (not to exceed 25cm in height, width and depth): 1 Mrs E Joyce

Miniature (an exhibit not to exceed 10cm in height, width and depth:  1 Mrs E Joyce

Children aged 12 and under

Garden in a half seed tray:
1 Miss N Maslin

Monster made from fruit and/or vegetables: 1 Miss M Heaven

Vase of any kind of flower:
1 Miss N Maslin

Any kind of vegetable:
1 Miss M Macleod

A crafted flower (made from playdoh or similar material):
1 Miss N Maslin

Best dressed potato:
1 Miss M Heaven

An edible necklace (made using sweets, dried fruits etc):
1 Miss M Macleod

Three decorated biscuits (judged on decoration only):
1 Miss M Heaven

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