Thursday, 25 February 2021

Daughter’s tribute to Capt Tom

THE daughters of Sir Captain Tom Moore are hoping to pay tribute to their father by planting trees.

Eldest daughter Lucy Teixeira, who lives in Caversham, has started an online fundraising page called Trees For Tom.

The campaign has partnered with two charities, the Woodland Trust and TreeSisters.

Capt Tom, a veteran who raised almost £39 million for NHS charities by walking laps of his garden, died on February 2, aged 100, after contracting coronavirus.

Mrs Teixeira said: “So many people have been asking if they can send flowers or make a donation in his memory. We wanted to find a way for everyone to come together, something that would feel a very personal gesture, something more lasting than sending cut flowers, something that would be dear to his heart.

“Trees for Tom is partnering with two well-known registered charities. Both plant and maintain trees and woodland to help tackle climate change and bring communities together, to create a brighter future for people and planet.

“This gesture will honour his love of nature and the natural world. He has inspired the world in the last year, bringing hope for the future. He, like every grandparent, saw the future of the world through his grandchildren and he voiced his concern about what the future holds. 

“Our father was all about inspiring hope and making all our tomorrows better. Planting a tree is a small but significant gesture that can collectively make a big difference and create a lasting legacy.

“I am hoping we can grow a wood in dad’s native Yorkshire and help reforest a part of India, both places dear to his heart. I can’t think of anything better and I know dad would agree.”

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK and has planted more than 43 million trees since 1972. TreeSisters, which is based in Bristol, aims to accelerate reforestation and empower women through educational opportunities.

The fundraising page started by Mrs Teixeira for the Woodland Trust has received £587 in donations so far. To donate, visit

Nearly £5,000 has been donated through TreeSisters. To donate, visit

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