Thursday, 06 August 2020

Please sign my drawing of you, Brad

A TEENAGE girl who missed out on meeting Brad Pitt hopes he might return to sign her drawing of him.

A TEENAGE girl who missed out on meeting Brad Pitt hopes he might return to sign her drawing of him.

Sophie Rainbow, 13, sketched a portrait of the Hollywood actor after finding out that he was going to be interviewed in her parents’ pub, the Three Horseshoes in Reading Road, Henley.

Pitt, who is currently filming Second World War action film Fury in Shirburn, was supposed to be interviewed by American network CBS but the booking was cancelled just a few hours before it was due to take place.

Sophie, who attends St Joseph’s College in Reading, said: “I was disappointed and a bit upset because I wanted to see him and for him to visit the pub.

“It would be nice to have someone so famous come in here.”

She had even considered skipping a school cross-country fixture taking place on the day of the interview in order to make sure that she could meet Pitt but her mother, Julie, wouldn’t let her.

Instead, Sophie spent two hours the night before sketching a portrait of Pitt in pencil in the hope that she would be back in time to meet him.

“I was telling my coach that I had to get home quickly as Brad Pitt would be there,” she said.

Her father, Nigel, texted his wife with the bad news just before Sophie’s race started in Wormwood Scrubs.

Sophie, who says she doesn’t have a crush on Pitt but that her mother does, was particularly saddened that the actor would not see her drawin. which was based on photographs.

She said: “I really enjoy art and my teacher said I should pick out people like celebrities and draw them to practise so I thought this was quite a good occasion to do so.”

Mr Rainbow was also disappointed by Pitt’s no-show.

“I was gutted,” he said. “There was a bit of hype about it and lots of rumours.

“We even had a few female members of staff who had come in even though it was their day off because they wanted to see him.”

Mr Rainbow had received a telephone call from an agent on October 4 asking whether an unnamed A-list actor staying locally could be interviewed in the pub the following afternoon.

“They didn’t actually use his name so we put two and two together and hopefully were getting four,” said Mr Rainbow said.

The agent wanted to use the pool table area to create a sports pub look and have regulars drinking their pints alongside the star.

Mr Rainbow said: “I think Brad Pitt would probably feel more at home with a bit of banter.”

The interview was due to start at 1.30pm but Mr Rainbow received a call less than two hours beforehand telling him that it had been “rescheduled”.

Now he hopes that Pitt might visit the pub before filming wraps up next month.

“He’s more than welcome to pop in,” said Mr Rainbow said. “If he wants to give me a call we can arrange a time.”

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