Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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THE annual meeting was held at the new Maurice Tate room at the rebuilt Townlands Hospital.

THE annual meeting was held at the new Maurice Tate room at the rebuilt Townlands Hospital.

The chairman’s report was as follows: “Following much negotiation and after resolving a number of teething problems, we finally moved into the new Maurice Tate Room in the re-built Townlands Hospital earlier this year.

“We are delighted with this new facility, which suits the charity ideally and thanks must go especially to Stephanie Greenwood of the NHS, who has been very helpful and accommodating in helping with this move from the old building, which has been demolished.

“Andrew Geddes, project manager for the NHS, was also extremely helpful and approachable over this period.

“The charity has had yet another successful year although, as with many other Talking Newspapers around the country, our ‘listener’ numbers have been dwindling.

“Currently, we send out 55 memory sticks each week, although this does include seven nursing/care homes in the area which use them as one of their weekly activities.

“This does significantly increase the number of people listening to the recordings.

“Also, following the closure of Peppard ward at Townlands Hospital, we have signed up Wallingford Community Hospital, which offers the recording to its in-patients.

“I would again like to put out a plea for new listeners to our service and would add that we do not only look after those with sight problems but also anyone who cannot read for themselves for any other physical reason.

“The service continues to be free of charge and we do still provide an easy-to-use, free memory stick player to those that need one.

“Again, we have seen a few volunteers leaving for various reasons over the past 12 months and I would like to thank them all for their help over many years.

“We do, in fact, have very little turnover of volunteers and I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who turns out all-year round for their unfailing help in getting out our weekly recordings.

“Once again we have not missed a week, although this year there were a couple of close calls, especially over the period we moved into the new room.

“For quite some time now we have been at least one controller (technician) short and if anyone knows of a colleague/relative who may be able to fill this position please let me know.

“Yet again the Henley Standard has provided us with early proofs of the pages and The Henley College has continued to collect all returned wallets and memory sticks each week.

“Many thanks go to them both — they really are very much appreciated.

“I would also like to say a big thank-you to the members of our committee for all their time and commitment given over the past 12 months. Most of all, tribute should go to all our ‘listeners’ for their unfailing support and encouragement. The feedback we get from them is always extremely supportive.

“So overall we had another busy and rewarding year.

“All our volunteers get a great deal of satisfaction from getting out our weekly recordings which, despite the odd hiccup, are of excellent quality.

“We can look forward to another year with confidence that our equipment, controllers, readers, other volunteers and helpers are in excellent shape and that we have a good system in place to provide a quality service to our ‘clients’.”

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