Friday, 17 September 2021

School raises £1,400 for hearing dogs charity

School raises £1,400 for hearing dogs charity

THE Friends of Rupert House School in Henley have raised more than £1,400 for a charity which trains dogs to assist children and adults who are hard of hearing.

Pupils and staff were given a presentation by Graham Sage, who is a beneficiary and supporter of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

He sometimes takes his hearing dog Jovi, a cocker spaniel, to Moulsford Preparatory School, where he is a teacher.

Mr Sage said: “Being hard of hearing is an invisible disability, so it is easily passed by. A dog with a jacket on helps make people aware and they are able to act differently in order to help you. 

“The dogs also provide companionship as sometimes a person can feel isolated or alone.”

Most of the money was raised through bake sales.

Anna-Rose Anness, charity representative for the Friends, thanked pupils and their parents and said: “All the children have been brilliant and really supportive.”

Pictured, back row, Isabella Rosai, Gracie and Alexa Nash, Isabella Mathews, Seren Quinn, Anna-Rose Anness and Graham Sage; Front, Owen Smith, Scarlett Smith and Aoife-Rose Anness

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