Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Swim supports drowning prevention charity

Swim supports drowning prevention charity

ORGANISERS of the Thames Marathon have partnered with a drowning prevention charity called SwimTayka.

The annual event is a 14km long-distance challenge swim from Henley to Marlow and is due to take place on Sunday, August 15.

This year it will be raising money to pay for swimming lessons and environmental education for underprivileged children around the world as well as teaching them about the dangers of drowning.

Bryan Avery, founder of the charity, said: “Drowning is a silent epidemic that claims an estimated 360,000 lives a year, many of them children.

“While we enjoy the joys of water, we can help others master it so we’re saving lives.

“During this global pandemic our work has never been more important as people gain respite in open water with, sadly, not always the skills and safety knowledge they require. We are passionate about drowning prevention and we hope that these incredible swimmers taking on the Thames Marathon will support the cause.”

Yvonne Turner, partnership manager for Henley Swim, which organises the event, called the charity a “natural” partner. She said: “The thought that children who live close to water in disadvantaged communities are at risk from the water rather than reaping the rewards is disheartening and we know our swimmers will be keen to support a charity dedicated to drowning prevention and clean water education.

“We hope the partnership will not only encourage much-needed fundraising to teach fundamental life skills, but also attract swim coaches who would like to participate in international projects when travel bans are lifted.”

The partnership offers swimmers two ways to raise money for the charity. They can sign up for a free charity place and pledge to fundraise £750 or they can purchase their own swim place and choose to raise money for the charity.

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