Thursday, 21 October 2021

Lawyer raises £68,000 for disease research

A GORING man with Parkinson’s disease has run, walked and cycled 10 million metres to raise money for research.

Alex Flynn, a 41-year-old lawyer, completed his challenge when he took part in the Dubai Marathon last month, less than three years after he started.

Mr Flynn, who was diagnosed with the neurological condition in 2008, has taken part in treks, bike rides and endurance runs all over the world. So far he has raised almost £68,000 for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Mr Flynn flew to Dubai from the south of France, where he had been training.

The night before the race, he developed a stomach bug and was unable to hold down water or his medication, so he was dehydrated when he started and suffered from dystonic leg spasms, a symptom of Parkinson’s, as he ran.

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