Saturday, 25 September 2021

Dog lover on mission to rescue strays in Romania

A DOG lover is on a mission to promote the plight of strays in Romania.

Marie Mason, of Park Close, Sonning Common, has adopted three dogs from the country since July and is encouraging other animal lovers to follow her lead.

Street dogs have long been a problem in Romania and a law was passed last year to allow the culling of strays if they are not homed within 14 days of being found.

Miss Mason, 45, adopted 10-year-old Patarel with the help of Blind Dogs UK after seeing a photograph of the animal on a friend’s Facebook page. Four months later she adopted two-year-old Turtle and Reptila, also two, arrived five weeks ago.

Now she is asking anyone interested in adopting or fostering a dog, or sending supplies to help dogs in Romania, to get in touch.

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