Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Ragwort cleared from Gillotts Field

VOLUNTEERS from three conservation groups cleared ragwort from Gillotts Field in Henley.

A nine-strong team from Henley in Bloom, Henley in Transition and Henley Wildlife Group spent four hours at the site on Saturday.

They pulled as much ragwort from the ground as they could and disposed of it as the plant is toxic to horses and other livestock.

Henley Town Council, which owns the field, controls ragwort by mowing the site every summer.

However, several species of wildflower are now growing in the field and the volunteers didn’t want them to be cut down. These include bee and pyramidal orchids, white campion, musk mallow, musk thistle and wild basil.

The group persuaded the council to leave three areas where they are growing and offered to remove the ragwort by hand instead.

The council will mow these areas later in the year once the wildflowers have set seed.

Organiser Sally Rankin said: “Everyone enjoyed it - it’s the sort of job that’s quite good fun as long as you don’t spend hours and hours doing it.”

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