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Golfing ‘Honeys’ raise £2,600 for charity with exercise

A GROUP of golfers from in and around Wargrave raised more than £2,600 for charity by walking and cycling 550

A GROUP of golfers from in and around Wargrave raised more than £2,600 for charity by walking and cycling 550 miles in a month.

Carolyn John, women’s captain of Hennerton Golf Club, presented the cheque to Oxfam ahead of the captain’s annual drive-in.

She had wanted to boost her fund-raising total as she neared the end of her year as captain and enlisted the help of 19 friends and golfers.

Throughout March the women, who called themselves the Hennerton Honeys, completed a number of walks and spinning sessions, beating their target of 500 miles. Miss John, who has been playing golf for 22 years, said: “It went brilliantly well and we raised more money than I thought possible.

“I am thrilled that we achieved it, especially after all the horrible weather that we had.

“We stuck mainly to walking or spinning, which seemed to get better each time. It was a good way to rack up a good number of miles and four of us were able to cover about 170 miles on bikes between us.

“I am thrilled with how much we have raised and I can’t thank enough the donors and everyone who participated. It was a great group effort and a great way to finish the year.”

Miss John said that the group planned to continue walking, adding: “This challenge has really brought us all together away from the golf course.”

The club’s new women’s captain is Penny Holmes, who will be supporting Twyford Charities Together. The new men’s captain is Paul Scrivener, who will be raising money for the Duchess of Kent House Charity. He takes over from Keith Kerr, who presented a cheque of £2,600 to the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

At the drive-in, the incoming captains, including junior Tom Oliver, hit balls from the 12th tee to mark the start of the new season before more than 75 members took part in a Texas scramble.

The winners were Miss John, Pat Cardwell, Alan Dean and David Mack with a score of gross 61, four under par. Second place went to Mavis Arding, Marion Mack, Roger Ellis and Mark Hinson with Erenea Stapley, Steve Everton, David Graddon and Tim Hanton in third.

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