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‘Loving’ Lily needs a new home... and fearless owner

WANTED: Good home for a loving cat (must like a challenge).

WANTED: Good home for a loving cat (must like a challenge).

An animal welfare charity is looking for help to rehome a troublesome young moggy.

Lily, who is pure white with gold eyes, has been staying with cat fosterer Sue Nickson in Peppard on and off for three months.

During that time two people have offered her a home but returned her within a few days.

The problem is that despite craving love and affection, Lily lashes out with her claws when she is stroked.

Mrs Nickson, a volunteer with Thames Valley Animal Welfare, said: “She would not go for you — it only happens when she is stroked but she loves people and she loves being stroked. I think she is over-excitable.

“The guy who brought her in from Marlow originally said that the place they got her from was really scruffy with boisterous children and a little dog. His assessment was that Lily had been badly handled. I think she would be suitable for someone who likes a challenge — it needs to be an adults-only home and probably one without other animals. It is a tall order.”

Mrs Nickson, who has fostered cats for 25 years, said she had never known another one to act like Lily.

“I am used to having ferals and cats that have come in from being stray for ages and I can work with them even if they are scared,” she said. “Lily is a bit like, ‘I love you lots but I am going to swipe you one’.

“I can only think that something went wrong in that first home she had, unless she is just a very odd character.

“If I am out in the garden she howls because I am not coming in to see her.

“The only experience I have of her with other animals is with my own cat, who gets in a right state when she sees Lily.”

Mrs Nickson said that Lily, who has been spayed, micro-chipped and inoculated, would not be put down if a home was not found. She said: “Lily will wait and wait and stay here, nothing will happen to her. We never have healthy animals put to sleep.

“But she cannot really be in here cooped up as it is not good for her. She has already gone through two scratching posts because she is bored. She is very lively and has bags of energy.”

Mrs Nickson said the welfare charity, which aims to home cats within 20 miles of Henley, Reading and Maidenhead, had seen an increasing number of cats and kittens over the last few years.

“It is due to the recession,” she said. “People are handing their cats in as they are losing their jobs and homes and vet fees have gone up. People are also more reluctant to take on a cat because costs are higher.”

To offer Lily a home, call Monica on 01494 484527 or Ann on 0118 9721871. For more information about the charity,

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