Sunday, 19 September 2021

Villages urged to work together

POLICE want to set up a forum for parish councils to discuss common issues.

POLICE want to set up a forum for parish councils to discuss common issues.

Sgt Graham Pink, of Henley police, believes a neighbourhood action group would enable villages to work together in combating crime.

He said: “Rural crime is something we’re concerned about and trying to improve our response to in the parishes we’re responsible for.

“This is an opportunity for parishes to raise issues that affect them and look at how to solve them together.”

Sgt Pink said there had been similar action groups in the past but membership had dwindled. Speaking at a meeting of Sonning Common Parish Council, he said: “I’m looking for an action group to help tackle generic issues rather than ones that are too specific.

“These are things like rogue traders and door-to-door salesmen or spates of shed break-ins because they could spread to other villages. We could discuss how to make people aware of the problem.”

Sgt Pink said specific issues could be dealt with by local police officers.

He said the group would include one representative from each parish council who would attend meetings three times a year. If councils express an interest, he will organise a first meeting.

Councillor Chrissie Phillips-Tilbury said Sonning Common was well served by the police and there was a good working relationship between the council and local officers.

She added: “With the 101 number it’s so easy to ring up about what seems trivial but we always get a good response straight away. We’re extremely fortunate in that respect, particularly in this village.”

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