Monday, 20 September 2021

Why I wear a poppy

Lady McAlpine

Lady McAlpine

“WAR is horrific. The idea that one human should want to kill another is beyond comprehension.

Sadly, ‘Man’, the animal, is programmed to be greedy, obsessive and blindly indifferent to the death of those who do not agree with his beliefs, aims and ambitions. ‘Man’ is also programmed to protect his/her own and, like most animals, will kill to do so.

If wearing a poppy makes one young person stop to think about the millions who have died in horrific circumstances because they wanted to defend their country and their family from aggressors, let us wear poppies every day.

Pointless, of course, because familiarity breeds blindness: if we see poppies every day, we cease to see them or think about what they mean. So let us all wear poppies for the month of November and tell every child why and pray that their generation will find another way to settle differences.”

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