Friday, 17 September 2021

Why I wear a poppy

Mike Willoughby, Lest We Forget Project

Mike Willoughby, Lest We Forget Project

“I HAVE worn a poppy from childhood. It has always been a family tradition from as far back as I can remember, along with watching the Festival of Remembrance on television with my parents. I wore one as a wolf cub, boy scout, air cadet and ever since then, probably a total of 60 years.

However, it was only about 10 years ago that I discovered that I had two great uncles who perished in the First World War, one on board a battleship in the Battle of Jutland and one in the mud on the Somme.

It seems that although I knew my grandparents well they never spoke of losing their brothers.

I now wear my poppy to remind me that without their sacrifice, and that of hundreds of thousands of others like them, I possibly wouldn’t have had those 60-plus years.

We will remember them but why do we never learn?”

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