Friday, 24 September 2021

Skateboard ramp in perilous state

A HALF-PIPE has been cordoned off by Henley Town Council due to safety fears.

A HALF-PIPE has been cordoned off by Henley Town Council due to safety fears.

The fibreglass ramp at Makins recreation ground has developed holes which could injure skateboarders and BMX riders.

A fence has been erected and notices put up around the equipment.

Town clerk Mike Kennedy said council staff had carried out a site visit in response to a report.

He said: ?As a result the half-pipe, which has a flat bottom and rounded edges, had to be closed off.It is made of fibreglass and there were indentations within the surface which would mean it could be dangerous for skateboarders and other users. If the surface isn?t true and has undulations and if someone falls on it there could be injuries.

?Our insurers have advised us and we decided to cordon it off. If users ignore the notices we will have to remove the equipment.?

The council has been quoted about £7,000 to repair the ramp, which is currently the subject of a campaign to have it replaced.

Mr Kennedy said: ?The issue of repairs is one we need to consider. We will be taking a paper to the recreation and amenities committee and then on to the finance, management and strategy committee before the full council meeting on December 17.

?The decision the council will have to make is if that money could be better spent on a new facility.?

Colin Brathwaite, who chairs the Henley Skate Park Initiative, said that while the damaged ramp proves the need for a new skate park he was disappointed that it had to close.

He added: ?There is one less piece of free-to-use equipment in Henley.?

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