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Couple tackle tandem for charity ride

A COUPLE from Henley cycled more than 70 miles through wind, rain and hail on a tandem bicycle for charity.

A COUPLE from Henley cycled more than 70 miles through wind, rain and hail on a tandem bicycle for charity.

Phil and Louisa Mead-Stubbington rode from their home in Adwell Square to the outskirts of London and back.

Despite their brakes failing, a tyre going flat and both falling off after a crash, they completed the challenge in just under 12 hours.

The pair rode via Wargrave, Maidenhead and Windsor before arriving at Kempton Park racecourse in Sunbury in three-and-a-half hours.

They then took part in a ride to Reading organised by the British Heart Foundation which finished in Christchurch Meadows in Caversham.

However, the Mead-Stubbingtons changed course in the final few miles and went straight back to Henley as it was getting late.

They entertained themselves during the ride by sticking a small music player to the front of their bike, wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from rain.

Their playlist included Bike by Pink Floyd and Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads but Mrs Mead-Stubbington vetoed Bicycle Race by Queen.

Mr Mead-Stubbington said: ?We only saw a few dozen other cyclists along the way. I suspect attendance was low because people saw how bad the weather was and decided not to bother.

?We were battling gusts of up to 20mph and obviously that?s harder on a tandem because you?re much longer and more exposed.

?It was raining almost constantly and we had hail on at least two occasions, which isn?t nice when it?s hitting you in the face at high speed.

?As we were going through Windsor on the way back, my glasses steamed up and I couldn?t see anything so we hit the kerb and came off. We had bruises and cuts but we were okay.

?It was probably the least enjoyable ride we?ve ever done but it was certainly the most eventful. I?m glad we did it as there was a huge sense of achievement when we finished.?

The couple took part in their first race from London to Brighton last year after Mr Mead-Stubbington taught his wife to ride. This time they have raised £475 for the BHF, well above their £300 target.

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