Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Pair to drive 13,000 miles to Mongolia

TWO men are taking part in a 13,000 round trip across 21 countries for charity.

TWO men are taking part in a 13,000 round trip across 21 countries for charity.

Alex Green, from Fingest, and Guy Hart, from Binfield Heath, both 20, are taking part in the Mongol Rally in a one litre mint—green Nissan Micra costing £400.

 Their adventure began on Sunday at Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex and will end in the Russian town of Ulan Ude.

 Mr Green said: “Around February I was looking for things to do in the summer. I eventually came across the Mongol Rally. It looked amazing and considering I love driving it looked perfect. So I called Guy and another friend up to see if they were crazy enough to do it with me. Turns out Guy was.

“We hadn’t talked for about  three years before I asked him to do it, but it was amazing how we both got on as if it had been two weeks.

“I knew from the start that he would be the perfect person to bring, so I asked him. I never thought for a moment that everything would work out and we would go.”

 Their team name, “Micra—waves”, derives from their chosen vehicle. The Micra was chosen as, according to the official rally rules, all vehicles must be “farcically small”. The pair have worked hard on modifying the car, fixing a sump guard and decorating it with stickers.

 They have been generously supported by a number of shops, including donations from Central Home in Reading Road, Henley, Wacky Wheelers, of Sonning Common, and Savile Row Travel in Market Place, Henley, as well as outdoor gear donated by Sno & Sun Gear, also in Market Place.

 The team are raising money for the Mongol Rally’s chosen charity, Cool Earth, which work with indigenous villages to preserve the world’s rainforests. They are aiming to raise £1,000 through donations.

 For updates on their journey and information on how to donate to Cool Earth visit—waves

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