Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Defibrillator installed...with four more to come

THE first of up to five community defibrillators has been installed in Wargrave.

THE first of up to five community defibrillators has been installed in Wargrave.

The life-saving device has been mounted on the wall of the old pavilion in Recreation Road.

It was paid for by Wargrave Runners using money raised at the annual Wargrave 10km race in June.

The defibrillator was supplied by the Millie’s Dream appeal, which has helped install more than 30 defibrillators in schools and communities in and around Henley since September 2012.

Each device costs about £1,500, which includes a secure cabinet, and needs to be connected to a power supply in order to keep it warm and charged.

David Moseley, who is on the committee of Wargrave Runners, came up with the idea while discussing how to spend the proceeds of last year’s 10km race.

Mr Moseley, of Autumn Walk, Wargrave, said: “This is the first public access defibrillator that will be available 24 hours a day. I hope it will be the first of several in the village.

“Wargrave Runners funded the defibrillator, the secure cabinet and installation as part of charity donations made from proceeds of the Wargrave 10km race.

“We raise money for different charities and over the years have raised about £70,000. This year we made £4,500 from the 10km race. We realised there wasn’t a public access defibrillator in Wargrave and one would be of obvious benefit to the village. I’m totally convinced that it will be worthwhile.”

There are already three defibrillators in or close to Wargrave — at the Piggott School in Twyford Road, Hennerton Golf Club and Crazies Hill village hall.

In April, campaigners said they wanted to install up to five community defibrillators around the village so that each resident and visitor has one close by.

Mr Moseley said: “Sarah Roberts, the founder of Millie’s Dream, has done an excellent job in getting these defibrillators out into the local area. Wargrave has probably been a little bit behind other communities in doing this but it has had lots of support.

“I’ve had meetings with the ambulance service and first responders and I think Wargrave probably needs at least three defibrillators and there should be one in the high street.

“I’ve had a lot of support and the next stage is to agree places for them to go.

“It’s really important that they are available because every delay reduces the chance of survival by 10 per cent.

“I want to use this first one to get the word out, encourage people to donate and build momentum.

“The more people who know about defibrillators, the more likely they will be used in the right situation.

“If there are any organisations who might like to contribute to a defibrillator please contact me.”

A training session run by the first responders will be held at the cricket pavilion clubhouse tomorrow when 16 people are expected to attend.

Mr Moseley hopes to arrange further sessions.

For more information, call him on 0118 940 3254 or email david@jmoseley.co.uk

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