Monday, 20 September 2021

'Children and families need us'

THE leader of a charity that supports young people and families in Henley facing challenges says there is

THE leader of a charity that supports young people and families in Henley facing challenges says there is demand for its services, writes Phil Simms.

Sue Prior, of the Nomad youth and community project, said it made more than 5,000 interventions in the year to March 31.

“That’s meetings with various young people, parents and family groups,” she said.

“We have an after-school programme through which we are reaching, on average, 60 young people a week and encourage them with various activities.

“Is there a demand for our services? The figures speak from themselves.

“Each one of these interventions represents a person, a parent or a family group. It is about real people who have significant need in our community.” Mrs Prior, who was speaking at a meeting of Henley Town Council’s finance strategy and management committee, said the group’s own challenge was to secure funding.

“Thank you to the town council, which has been supporting us for many years,” she said.

“We don’t take that for granted — it is appreciated — and we want to encourage you to continue supporting us.

“You have been some of our loyal supporters from the start of the project back in 1996 when you agreed to put £10,000 into Nomad, which funded the first worker.

“We are professional, have good management and policy in place and we have strong group of trustees and an advisory board with a wide range of expertise which gives guidance. We welcome going back to funders, saying this is how we have spent it. We work with the police and social services and schools and we have a huge bank of local knowledge.

“If we can find funding in the local community it is the local community supporting the Henley community and that’s a powerful statement.”

Mrs Prior said that preparing funding applications could be time-consuming.

“I have spent many, many hours doing that and when I have to sit down and fill in funding applications it takes us away from the grassroots work that we want to do,” she said.

“When we receive grants from the local council it is hugely helpful to us and reduces the amount of time we spend filling in application forms.”

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