Friday, 24 September 2021

New technology for nursery class

New technology for nursery class

TRUSTEES of the association visited the Bishopswood integrated nursery class at Valley Road School in Henley after donating £3,000, which will be used to purchase an interactive white board.

Clive Wilkinson, chairman of the trustees, said: “We have been so impressed by the wonderful work done by the staff at Bishopswood and it was a pleasure to spend a few moments with them and the children.”

The association is a local charity which supports young people. The sale of the Henley Youth Centre has enabled it to invest the income in order to award grants for the benefit of young people of Henley and the surrounding area. It also has land at the Eyot Centre.

The charity is pleased to receive applications for grants. For more information, call Elizabeth Hodgkin on (01491 573192) or email

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