Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Nurse's long walk around the world

MARYANN BUGAJSKI has walked around the world… sort of.

MARYANN BUGAJSKI has walked around the world… sort of.

She has been a staff nurse at the Sue Ryder hospice in Nettlebed for 31 years and was one of 10 nurses there who agreed to wear pedometers for a study into how far they travel while at work.

The nurses wore the devices at work every day for two weeks and were astonished by the results.

It was found the average distance a nurse walked every week was 31.27km (19.4 miles) or an average of 1,500.96km (932.65 miles) a year, allowing for four weeks’ holiday.

This means that MaryAnn has walked 46,529.8km (28,912 miles) in the time that she has worked at the hospice — further than the circumference of the earth, which is 40,075km (24,902 miles) at the equator.

MaryAnn was “really surprised” to discover just how far she had walked. “I hadn’t even considered it because it’s just part of my job,” she said.

“There was me thinking I must go do my 20 minutes of exercise and I’m doing it anyway, every day and more.”

Nursing assistant Jacqui Stone has worked at the hospice for 29 years, meaning she had walked 43,527km (27,046.8 miles) on the job during that time — and she walks to and from work too, which is about a mile-and-a-half each way.

“I hasten to add I didn’t add that on to the pedometer,” she said. “I could probably walk to the moon if I did.

“Sometimes it feels like I’ve walked that far when I get home and take my shoes off!”

Karen Guy, head of clinical services at the hospices, said: “These results are startling. We know how hard our nurses work every day and to see the distances that they are accruing is truly remarkable.”

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