Sunday, 24 October 2021

Physios take on 160-mile challenge for police rehab centre

A TEAM of physiotherapists from a rehabilitation centre near Goring will run from London to Cardiff

A TEAM of physiotherapists from a rehabilitation centre near Goring will run from London to Cardiff to raise money for it.

The group of 11 from Flint House, between Goring and Crays Pond, will take on the 160 mile challenge, taking in turns to run as they hope to finish within 24 hours.

Nurses and other health care professionals work with the physiotherapists to assist more than 3,000 injured police officers getting back to full health. The centre relies on donations to keep running and its main source of income is donations from serving officers.

They also offer rehabilitation, psychological support, physiotherapy and health and wellbeing sessions, supported with complementary treatments including health classes, aromatherapy, pilates and comprehensive treatment and medical facilities.

Some members of the team took part in the challenge three years ago when the group fund-raised for a new Wattbike for their in-house gym. Last time they completed the challenge in 23 hours 44 minutes. The distance of stints will be varied in length depending on experience and fitness.

Vicky Samways, 26, from Windsor, said: “I’m not a runner so it’s quite a big thing. I think the prospect of being up for that long and being tired and having to do map reading will be quite emotional.”

As well as running team members have to map read and drive between checkpoints where the runners will swap. The team hope to raise £3,000 by completing the challenge. they hope to do it within the 24 hour time limit. A condition of the race is they complete three stages as a team at the start, middle and end. As well as the team stages there are 24 individual stages.

Emily Wenman, 25, from Surrey, said: “It’s going to be quite a big challenge. I used to be a good runner then I had some time out so it’s probably the first big challenge I have done and the team will try and help the others who have not done it before.”

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