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Orange wigs highlight Anaphylaxis Campaign

STAFF at two Henley businesses wore bright orange wigs at work for a day to support a girl’s charity campaign

STAFF at two Henley businesses wore bright orange wigs at work for a day to support a girl’s charity campaign.

Lilian Graham, eight, persuaded butchers Gabriel Machin in Market Place and Hart Street hairdressers Marc Antoni to join in Orange Wig Day.

This is an annual event run by the Anaphylaxis Campaign to show solidarity and support and raise awareness and funds for people affected by severe allergies.

Lilian, a pupil at Rupert House School in Bell Street, suffers from anaphylaxis, an extreme and severe allergic reaction that affects the whole body and can happen within minutes of exposure to an allergen.

She carries an EpiPen, an auto-injector with a single dose of epinephrine in case she suffers an anaphylactic attack and needs emergency treatment.

Lilian has supported the campaign for the last three years and this year raised £1,459 with more donations to come.

She said: “I’ve enjoyed supporting the campaign and wearing the wig all day. It’s nice to keep supporting the charity.”

Her mother Clare Graham, of Northfield End, thanked the businesses for their support.

She said: “There are definitely going to be more donations. Machins raised £177 on Friday and they’ve kept the donations pot and the signs up and they think once the paper comes out they will get more. Last year Lilian raised £1,515 so we’re probably going to be around the same amount. We’ve had 40 online donations, which is the same as last year.

“We’re really pleased because most people don’t raise anything like that amount. It can be hard to raise money for the charity when people don’t understand it.

“More and more people are becoming more allergic and it’s about raising awareness.”

Clare Lynas, headteacher at Rupert House, said: “We always encourage children to take the initiative and it is lovely to see Lilian doing that.

“We’re very proud of her and are happy to support the charity which helps the lives of so many children and adults.”

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