Friday, 23 April 2021

Pupils learn to be kind for their own good

PUPILS at Charvil Piggott Primary School took part in a series of activities as part of Children’s Mental Health Week

About 40 to 50 children are going to the school in Park Lane each day during the coronavirus lockdown while the rest are being taught online.

The theme of this year’s week, from February 1 to 7, was expressing yourself.

The foundation year children talked about kindness and supporting each other while year 4 pupils wrote letters to their teachers to express their feelings.

Year 6 are following a “kindess calender” for the whole of February by showing kindness every day and recording what they do.

The whole school are to send birthday cards to a resident at Bridge House, a care home in Twyford, who is turning 101.

Deputy headteacher Ken Hillerton said: “We try to keep a good eye on mental health all year round and we recognise the difficulties that children have growing up nowadays.

“There are pressures we didn’t have as children, especially with the amount of time spent online.

“We do a lot of online safety work during computing lessons and we have terrific support for mental health across the school.

“We’ve got several trained nurture assistants, who are kept busy with the support they provide.

“It is really important to tap into these weeks and particularly at the moment with the pandemic. We would always encourage people to talk and share their feelings.”

Mr Hillerton, who has been at the school since 2017, said remote learning was more structured during the current lockdown and the feedback from parents had been positive.

He said: “Many parents are juggling full-time jobs with educating their children, so having a mixture of recorded lessons means they can pause them and replay them as needed.

“Doing it remotely is more challenging but the teachers are doing a great job in the circumstances.

“We are really hopeful of getting all our children back by March 8. We would love to see them all again as the lockdowns do affect them. After the last lockdown, we needed to put a lot of care and nurture in place.”

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