Monday, 14 June 2021

Car park closed to stop drugs

THE car park at Charvil village hall is being closed overnight to prevent drug dealing and other antisocial behaviour.

Charvil Parish Council says that needles and other drug paraphernalia have been found at the site.

It has also received complaints about noisy youngsters congregating and driving their cars in an antisocial way.

The move comes after the council took the same decision with the car park at East Park Farm.

The hall car park will be closed from 8pm with a chain and padlock combination to deter unauthorised access and will not re-open again until 6am the following day

Jim Gillett, who chairs the council, said: “Initially, we had a problem with the other car park at East Park Farm and it seems to have moved over to the village hall.

“You would come the next morning and find a whole bunch of needles lying around.

“We had a problem at East Park Farm last summer with noise and a lot of the residents were up in arms about it.

“Since taking this action, the drug dealing seems to have stopped.

“Part of the problem is youngsters having a good time and leaving bottles on the playing fields. We can’t accept having broken glass on the pitches.

“We want to keep it within reason, but it costs lots of money every time we have to clean up the mess. At some stage, we have got to say this has gone too far.

“If you are a resident living near a car park with people doing doughnuts in their cars and leaving drug paraphernalia everywhere, you would feel within your rights to complain.”

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