Saturday, 21 May 2022

New home rejected as ‘alien’...

A WOMAN has been refused permission to build a bungalow in the garden of a house in Charvil.

Neighbours and the parish council opposed the application made to Wokingham Borough Council by Shahnaz Shah, from Hayes, Middlesex.

She wanted to build a three-bedroom detached property behind the house in Milestone Crescent with space for two cars.

A planning statement said the bungalow would enhance the character and appearance of the area.

It said: “The proposed bungalow-style house would blend well with the tree line and would not disturb the views of the neighbours when using their gardens.

“This would avoid an incongruous addition to the skyline and would respect the open spaces. 

“The proposed bungalow uses the open space in the best possible manner.

“There are various house designs within close proximity of the application site. Therefore a detached house would not look alien.”

But neighbours objected.

Kevin Jones said: “This additional dwelling would be overdevelopment for the size of the site.

“The front of the building would appear to be several metres forward of the building line of all the other properties.”

Nicola Court said there would not be enough room for parking.

The borough council agreed the bungalow would be overdevelopment, saying the design was “unsympathetic” and “alien”, and it would urbanise the garden and cause a net loss in biodiversity.

It also said the development would result in the potential for overlooking of neighbours.

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