Saturday, 21 May 2022

Brambles cleared for wildlife

Brambles cleared for wildlife

VOLUNTEERS spent a day carrying out nature conservation work in Charvil.

Members of Conserve Reading on Wednesday  cut back overgrown vegetation and brambles behind the village hall. 

They aim to reinvigorate the perimeter of Hawthorns Park as a wildlife area.

Volunteer Dave Barks, 78, from Ruscombe, said: “The area around the back of the village hall hadn’t been touched in a really long time and was full of brambles.

“It didn’t get much sunlight so we cut all that back and will leave it to see what grows once it has some sunlight. The idea is to make it a better place for wildlife and to look neater. 

“We will go back in March because we are quite keen to complete the perimeter.

“We do most of the ground clearance work in the colder winter months because birds tend to start nesting in the spring and we don’t want to disturb them. 

“Since we came to Charvil we have had two new volunteers join but we are always open to more people. We have people of all ages. The work is great exercise and gets us outdoors.” 

The volunteers will return on March 23 from 10am to 2.30pm.

For more information, email CRoW.mail@econet 

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