Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Family’s cake sale in aid of food bank raises £400

Family’s cake sale in aid of food bank raises £400

MORE than £400 was raised for a food bank thanks to a family bake sale in Checkendon on Sunday.

The event was organised by villager Zoe Young with her two children and two stepchildren.

They decided to help after learning that items intended for Wallingford food bank that were left outside St Peter and St Paul’s Church in the village had disappeared, along with the collection basket.

The basket, which was full, would normally be kept inside the church but it was moved to the lych gate to make it more accessible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs Young found out about the suspected theft and her daughter, Persie Mellor, decided she wanted to help.

Persie, eight, and her brother Fred, 11, together with their step-siblings Charlie, 12, and Florence Young, eight, baked shortbread, cookies, banana bread, brownies, cupcakes and flapjacks. They spent three days getting the treats ready, packaging them in individual cellophane bags.

They then sold them from a stall outside their home in Whitehall Lane and the whole lot was gone in two-and-a-half hours, raising £405.

Passers-by also made donations to the food bank, enough to fill two large boxes. Mrs Young said: “I am very proud of the children. I baked with the four kids all day Saturday and we completely sold out.

“There must have been about 200 cakes in the end and we wrapped them all up with ribbons.

“People were incredibly generous and some just came up and donated money even though they didn’t take a cake.” The cakes cost £1 each and we had biscuits for 50p, but people were giving us £5 or £10 even though they only took a couple of things.

“There was a really lovely atmosphere and the sun was shining, so it was perfect. We had so many lovely comments.

“I’ve also had a call from someone who couldn’t make it and they said they wanted us to make another 12 cupcakes in exchange for a donation.”

One of the most popular items was an American-style mud cake, which was made by the family’s neighbour, Melinda Pickworth, which sold for £20.

Rev Kevin Davies, rector of Checkendon, said: “It was wonderful of them to do this and we will continue to collect for the food bank.

“The collection point will return to inside the church when we
re-open for services, which we hope to do soon.”

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