Friday, 25 June 2021

Chiltern Buddies

Chiltern Buddies

BUDDIES is a wonderful group of teenagers with learning disabilities that meets regularly at the Chiltern Centre for disabled children and young people in Henley.

It’s a youth group — a place for friendship, activities and meals together after school/college.

We have lots of great experiences throughout the year and it was suggested to us by a parent, Caroline, that we should get involved in bell boat racing at the Henley Regatta for the Disabled this year.

We agreed this would be fun and contacted Peter Holloway, manager of the Eyot Centre, to organise a training session.

Peter has been fantastic — very supportive of our mission — and the Buddies thoroughly enjoyed boating, so we promptly booked for a couple more sessions.

The team is really enthusiastic and we are encouraging this passion they have for the sport and hope to get another session booked over the summer holidays to improve our skills further.

We have discovered a competitive streak among the team, so we have just enlisted the help of another familiar face around Henley, John Carr, to provide us with extra strength to see us through to the finish line! We are hoping that friends, family and Chiltern Centre supporters will come along on the day to support us. Our boat is called Chiltern Buddies.

The regatta will take place at Phyllis Court Club on Saturday, September 1. The first race commences at 10.30am with the presentations at 3.30pm following the day’s racing.

There are plenty of riverside activities for everyone to enjoy throughout the day.

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The Chiltern Centre is a respite centre for children and young adults with learning disabilities. For more information, visit

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