Thursday, 29 July 2021

No pantomime so props are used in villages’ fun trail

No pantomime so props are used in villages’ fun trail

MORE than 60 gardens in Shiplake and Binfield Heath were decorated with a theme of pantomime to form a Christmas trail.

The initiative was organised by the Shiplake and Dunsden Dramatic Organisation, or Shaddo, as it couldn’t hold its annual show.

Angela Jones, a committee member, came up with the idea for the trail, which referenced popular seasonal stories including Aladdin, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

Residents made their own decorations or used props donated by Shaddo for the trail, which was in place from December 20 until last Saturday.

Committee member Charmaine Wood helped to design the majority of the props.

People were able to download a map of the trail from the Shaddo website showing them which gardens had been decorated. Liz James, a committee member, said: “I’m so pleased. As I walked around, I could hear people saying, ‘Oh, that’s good’. It engaged people of all ages. Shaddo had props from certain pantomimes but most people just chose their own and we didn’t mind.

“People were working with their neighbours to do different things as well — there were two Aladdin themes in Crowsley Road but they had different designs.

“In Northfield Avenue they did Goldilocks and the Three Bears with a table and different-sized bowls. It was simple but effective.

“We had Robin Hood in our garden with inflatable legs dressed in green tights hanging from our tree, which caused some amusement among people walking by.”

Mrs James, who lives in Station Road with her husband Terry, added: “Many people said if they had known the pantomime trail was going on they’d have loved to take part so we may consider doing it again but we certaintly hope we can do a panto again this year.”

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