Monday, 30 November 2020

Is your cat's behaviour a worry?

Is your cat's behaviour a worry?

DO you have concerns about your cat’s behaviour?

Naomi Opalinska is a highly qualified pet behaviourist and has a wealth of experience in treating cat behaviour problems.

Every cat is unique and her advice is tailored specifically to each individual cat.

She has been successful in advising owners on all cat-related issues and problems such as owner/cat relationships, introducing a new cat to your home, urine spraying and soiling indoors, litter tray problems, scratching furniture, aggression between cats or to humans, stress and anxiety, unusual eating habits and destructive behaviour, over-grooming and feline bereavement.

Naomi is passionate about cats. She opened Cats Cradle, a luxury boarding cattery, in 2003 and is dedicated to giving specialist care and attention to each cat, including special diets, medication, grooming and lots of TLC. To book a stay for your cat at Cats Cradle or for more information on how Naomi can help with any cat-related problems, call (01491) 680612 or visit the website

Cats Cradle offers extremely comfortable accommodation in an idyllic setting. All the chalets can accommodate one or two cats with several large enough for families of three to four. They are thermostatically heated 24 hours a day and have outdoor runs.

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