Thursday, 11 August 2022

Pierce and Emma are pretty couple

Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnon
Film: Love Punch

Certificate: (12A)

Director: Joel Hopkins

Starring: Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Spall

NOW here’s a film that will find favour with those who like fluff and nonsense with their popcorn, because Love Punch is just oozing with British charm and British national treasures, but doesn’t have a great deal of substance. Perfect to veg out to with your Easter eggs.

Emma Thompson teams up with former Bond boy Pierce Brosnan to play a divorced couple - they split up after he ditched her for a younger woman. However their joint fortune, in the form of his investment company, has been stolen by a dodgy Frenchman. So they set off on an unlikely but entertaining jaunt to the south of France - where the thief is about to get married - with a plan to gatecrash the wedding and steal the bride’s £10m necklace.

Director and writer Joel Hopkins said: “There’s no better place to steal a diamond than the south of France, and I was slightly harking back to classic movies like [Alfred Hitchcock’s] To Catch a Thief. I wanted it to feel like an unintentional second honeymoon for the characters. It slowly gets more and more glamorous - they start of in Paris and then head down to the Côte d’Azur.”

Reviews have not been raving, but there are some funny set pieces, and Pierce and Emma are having fun.

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