Saturday, 13 August 2022

The lies we tell

IT WAS only a matter of time before Gillian Flynn’s runaway bestseller Gone Girl made it to the silver screen.

Director David Fincher was so enamoured with the novel he asked Flynn to adapt it and write the screenplay. The result is a film which is faithful to its orgins, telling the story from the viewpoint of its main protagonists, Nick Dunne and his wife Amy.

On the fifth anniversary of their wedding, Amy disappears. A media frenzy ensues in which the finger of suspicion points directly at Nick. As the investigation into Amy’s disappearance goes on the action is alternately narrated by Nick in the present and Amy, the past.

Fincher creates a very likeable anti-hero, Ben Affleck’s casting in the main role was a deliberate ploy. We know we’re not supposed to like him but his characterisation as a victim of the tabloid media means we sympathise with his situation.

Flashbacks to how the couple met, fell in love, lost their jobs and moved from New York to middle America serve as an insight into marriage and the lies we tell the ones we love.

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