Thursday, 18 August 2022

A new brand of revolution?

WRITER and comedian Russell Brand is a divisive character and that’s just the way he likes it, writes Beka Sharrock.

The one-time actor, comedian and television presenter has made it his personal quest to light the touchpaper for a social revolution which he doesn’t just believe can happen, he believes is inevitable.

Since his rise to fame presenting, ironically, Big Brother’s Little Brother, Brand has become one of Britain’s most outspoken and controversial characters.

During the run-up to local elections last year he was heavily criticised for calling on young people to boycott the electoral process and withold their vote until their votes represented a real change. His one-man crusade for, as he sees it, a more equal and democratic society took him to Newsnight and a now legendary interview with the BBC show’s former host Jeremy Paxman.

His new book continues this theme, arguing that the system isn’t working, that our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties are all pointlessly similar. Is there another way or is this just “the way things are”?

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