Monday, 10 December 2018

Showing at the Regal this week:

Rise Of The Guardians (PG) (Autism friendly)

Rise Of The Guardians (PG) (Autism friendly)

Voices of: Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law

Produced by DreamWorks and inspired by William Joyce’s The Guardians Of Childhood novels, this brings together an oddball cast of characters, including the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

They must all join forces against Pitch, who is threatening to cover the world in perpetual darkness. The plot twists will keep the very young target audience in lively suspense, especially as these superheroes are unusually if delightfully flawed: Santa sports heavy tattoos and a thick Russian accent, for example.

Voiced by a wonderful cast of seasoned actors, including Baldwin, Jackman, and especially Law as the plausibly diabolical Pitch, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is a seasonal family-pleaser with a difference, thanks to the creative vision of storyboard artist-cum-director Ramsey.


A seasonal family-pleaser with a difference, thanks to the creative vision of storyboard artist-cum-director Peter Ramsey.


Quartet (12A)

Starring: Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins, Tim Courtenay, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon

Four retired opera singers, feted for their aria in Rigoletto, meet up in a retirement home for musicians. The plot is complicated by an old and bitter love match that must be replayed.

Dustin Hoffman makes his debut as director. A gentle, amusing film with the best of brilliant British acting.

Discover Tuesday — Jiro: Dreams of Sushi (U)

Starring: Jiro Ono

The life and work of elderly Japanese master chef Jiro Ono is examined in this culinary documentary.

An engrossing, beautiful look at the fine craftsmanship sushi-making can bring to the kitchen.

ROH: La Bohème Live (Tuesday)

Starring: Rolando Villazón and Maija Kovalevska.

Conductor: Mark Elder

When Rodolfo, a penniless poet, meets Mimì, a seamstress, they fall passionately in love. But their happiness is threatened when Rodolfo learns that Mimì is gravely ill.

A delayed live screening of this classic and much-loved opera from Covent Garden itself. A must-see for opera fans.

Kids’ Club — Ratatouille

Voice of: Patton Oswald, Peter O’Toole

A rat decides he wants to be a famous chef, despite the clear health and safety issues.

Pixar’s animation is wonderful to behold with great humour. All ages will enjoy this true classic.

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