Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Con woman who plays for laughs

Film: Identity Thief

Film: Identity Thief

Released: March 22

Certificate: (15)

Director: Seth Gordon

Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau

JASON BATEMAN has played plenty of serious characters during his Hollywood career — such as George Clooney’s hard-nosed boss in Up In The Air but he is perhaps better known for his comedy roles.

In this comedy road movie he plays a mild-mannered chap, Sandy, who becomes the victim of a rather blousey confidence woman, played by Melissa McCarthy. She hacks into his credit and steals his identity, and practically ruins his life. When he tries to sort out the mess, a road trip ensues.

Identity Thief is directed by Seth Gordon, who collaborated with Bateman in the 2011 comedy, Horrible Bosses, and the screenplay is written by Craig Mazin, the writer behind the Scary Movie and Hangover franchises.

McCarthy, who became famous for her role in Bridesmaids, has been praised as formidable and convincing in the role, but the jury, so far, is out on whether there are enough laughs to sustain a whole movie. It will all depend, no doubt, on what kind of sense of humour you have.

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