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Adrenaline-pumper will leave you entranced

AFTER delivering our green and pleasant land to the world in glorious technicolour last summer Danny Boyle became a national

AFTER delivering our green and pleasant land to the world in glorious technicolour last summer Danny Boyle became a national hero. Now one of the most creative and innnovative film directors to hail from these shores is back in the cutting room — and this latest, hotly anticipated offering lives up to his reputation for turning out films that are fast, furious and breathtaking.

The cineaste who brought us Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire is back and on form with this thriller. What a film experience!

Protagonist Simon (James McAvoy) is a seemingly clean-cut nice guy as he narrates the introduction — but then Boyle has a penchant of presenting rogues as sympathetic.

The story starts with the theft of a £25 million Goya painting. During the heist Simon is knocked out by the mastermind of the gang of thieves (the gorgeously evil Vincent Cassel), and suffers amnesia. The painting is lost and there’s a race to find the art work — but its whereabouts are locked in Simon’s mind. And so the trance begins. Languid and sexy hypnotherapist, Rosario Dawson, at first on the periphery, becomes pivotal to the plot as she is brought in to try and unlock the secrets of Simon’s mind. The story twists and turns — nothing in this film can be assumed. At different stages each of the three main characters are either in danger or have become a danger. Layer by layer Simon’s not-at-all simple mind unpeels.

The dark psycho journey is delivered in clean, modern, almost minimalist locations with the occasional surreal element thrown in to engage us in the trance-like state. We are treated to the extremes of the human condition. By the end of the film I was not sure I could trust my own senses.

Linkage from early scenes to later scenes is difficult yet the film’s rapid pace helps the plot hang together. There are comical, tense and fearful scenes, and there are a few Tarantino-type violent moments, thankfully limited in number and in context rather than being there just because blood is red and flows.

Trance is not as ground-breaking as his earlier films but even so, this is a not-to-be-missed, adrenalin-pumping Danny Boyle film. You will not have time to rest.

Film: Trance

Release date: March 29

Certificate: 15

Director: Danny Boyle

Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson

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