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Small-scale take on the superhero flick

MARVEL Comics continues to delve into its back catalogue with Ant-Man, the latest in a long

MARVEL Comics continues to delve into its back catalogue with Ant-Man, the latest in a long line of big-screen adaptations.

Based on a lesser-known character who first graced its pages in the Sixties, it stars Paul Rudd as master thief Scott Lang and his eponymous alter ego.

Soon after being freed from prison, Lang finds himself in charge of a high-tech suit that allows him to shrink while keeping his strength.

It also enables him to communicate with ants.

He is tasked with protecting the suit’s creator Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), the original Ant-Man in the comic series, from villains who want to unlock its secrets.

With a supporting cast including Michael Peña, Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll, the film has been praised for its small-scale take on the superhero flick.

Instead of featuring the usual scenes of city-wide destruction, the action sequences unfold in such unlikely locales as a bathtub drain and inside a briefcase.

The film, directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man), had languished in development hell for years and an early draft of the script was written by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), who quit the project citing creative differences last year.

However, Wright is still credited in the final release alongside fellow Brit Joe Cornish, long-standing Will Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay and Rudd himself.

The quartet draw heavily on their comedy backgrounds to fill the two-hour spectacular with plenty of visual gags and sly references to other characters in the Marvel franchise.

Whether Ant-Man will win the public’s affections as much as Iron Man, Thor or the Incredible Hulk remains to be seen.

However, his debut outing promises to be a good deal quirkier than your typical action romp and well worth checking out.

Ant-Man is showing at the Regal Picturehouse cinema in Boroma Way, Henley, from today (Friday).

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