Friday, 14 December 2018

‘What would we give for feedback we got? Absolutely Anything!’

ED Simons says he is delighted that his latest film

ED Simons says he is delighted that his latest film

Absolutely Anything
starring Simon Pegg has been so well received at its premiere.

The chairman of trustees at Henley’s Kenton Theatre was an executive producer of the film, which is on general release today (Friday).

It premiered at the Ham Yard Hotel in London’s Piccadilly Circus on Monday.

The science fiction comedy sees an group of eccentric aliens give Pegg, who plays a disillusioned teacher, the power to do anything he wants to see if the Earth is worth saving.

It is comedy legend Robin Williams’s last film after he committed suicide last year and is released a year after his death. Williams voices Dennis the Dog in the film.

Earlier this year Mr Simons told the

Henley Standard
that Williams had a unique way of signing for his final film after bumping into the film’s director, Monty Python star Terry Jones.

He said: “Robin bumped into Terry at an awards ceremony somewhere and he wrote on a piece of paper ‘I hereby confirm I will voice the part of Dennis the Dog.’ ”

Mr Simons also revealed that footage at the end of the film shows the

Mrs Doubtfire
actor being filmed in the studio while doing the character’s voice.

He said he had not expected the scenes to be included but described it as “very poignant” and “lovely”.

“It’s something unexpected to be very proud of that we were there with it. You’d rather it never happened and you’d rather he was making 20 films this year,” he added.

Mr Simons said he was pleased with the reaction on the night but admitted he also found it “nerve-racking”.

“I was sitting next to two girls in their twenties and they laughed all the way through. I said ‘Did you enjoy it?’ One said ‘It’s the funniest film I’ve ever seen and I’m going to tell everybody’ — which is what you want. The only reason you have these premiere screenings is to create a word of mouth, of course — that’s what they’re there for.

“You know when people are paying lip service and somewhat embarrassed after the screening. The moment someone says the photography was beautiful or the sound was brilliant you know you have screwed up!”

Mr Simons said he spoke to Terry Jones and writer Gavin Scott, who were both delighted with the evening.

Guests on the night included stars of reality TV series

Made in Chelsea

The Only Way is Essex
and Sir William McAlpine and his wife Lady McAlpine, who live at Fawley Hill.

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