Sunday, 16 December 2018

Whitehall leads the school trip from hell

SPIN-OFFS have the habit of either hitting the mark or falling flat on their faces.

SPIN-OFFS have the habit of either hitting the mark or falling flat on their faces.

Fan of the original series will undoubtedly rush to the cinemas, but there is the risk of isolating a huge section of the audience who are entirely new to the concept.

It’s also very easy to level the criticism at the filmmakers that they are simply out to make a quick buck.

Others may say there is a lack of originality in regurgitating what we have seen before or tying up the loose ends the creators were unable to do on the small screen.

The original BBC Three comedy — Bad Education —- ran for three series and featured the ever watchable Jack Whitehall as young teacher Alfie Wickers — “the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system”.

The Bad Education Movie sees the characters from the fictional Abbey Grove School in Watford reprise their roles but centres on an ill-fated class trip to Cornwall led by Wickers.

In this respect it may appeal to new audiences as it could be seen as a stand-alone film.

Despite Alfie’s determination to make it the best school trip ever, it goes off the rails almost immediately, featuring drunken parties with his old school friends, strip clubs, and an extremely aggressive swan.

Whitehall, who created and co-wrote the TV series, will be hoping fans in great numbers rush to cinemas this weekend, and the film will stand or fall on whether they choose to part with a few hard-earned pounds. While audiences who haven’t watched the original series may decided to give it a go, it could be argued that its pedigree is simply not strong enough to attract them.

While the cast also includes British comedy legend Harry Enfield and Gavin & Stacey star Matthew Horne, it may not be as well known as The Thick of It.

The excellent BBC series spawned 2009’s In The Loop, which was released to critical acclaim.

The Bad Education Movie is now showing at Henley’s Regal Picturehouse.

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